Bilder och video som visar tänkt F1-bana i Rom ute nu!

Spännande grej som just dök upp; de som står bakom idén om ett Formel 1-lopp i Rom har lanserat en officiell hemsida på

Ännu mer spännande, de har satt ihop en video som visar hur banan kan komma se ut. Jag är inte helt hemma i processen där, men sånt här är alltid kul att se;

Via f1fanatic hittade jag också följande pressmeddelande från arrangörerna;

ROME (May 14) – “The candidature of Rome as the seat of a Formula 1 Grand Prix from 2012 is no longer a dream but a real possibility.” Said Mayor Gianni Alemanno, during the presentation in the Capitol of the study of pre-automobile travel, thus launching “a project on which the town of Rome depends/balances”.

The plan has synergy with the Province and Region. “From now on a central part of the constitution of the Promoter” said Alemanno “must involve everyone, Province, Region, social, economic and political, to make sure that Rome can move forward and attain this application in competition with major cities.” A core issue is the strong competition from other world capitals such as Paris, London and Beijing, which have also made a proposal to host a Grand Prix of Formula 1. “They are all rival cities, but we believe that the scenario that Rome would offer to build a Grand Prix (track) is unique in the world.”

Investment of Euro 160 million. The track of the future Gp di Roma will be more than four kilometres long in the northern part of the district of Eur, passing around the Palace of Congress and the Palace of Industry. According to the draft prepared by the City pre-investment in organizational terms amount to about 160 million euros, while the jobs that could be created are 10,000, with over one billion euros a year of economic impact on the national territory. The impact on tourism would be 324 thousand tourists more for a total of over one million and 300 thousand visits with tourists from 18 countries and 33 months of promotion on the web.

The circuit of the Grand Prix which will be 4,669 meters long and which will be lapped in a time of one minute and 34 seconds at an average speed lap estimated at 177 km / h. It will not affect the Cristoforo Colombo and even Laurentina but will be the route in the north dell’Eur affecting viale dell’Arte, Viale delle Tre Fontane and Via di Val Fiorita. The course has been announced by the President of Fg and Group President of Federlazio, Maurizio Flammini, founder and promoter of the project.

Flammini the district lends itself “because of the width of the roads, the relative lack of buildings along the route and the ability to offer spectators wide/long views. The Dell’Eur” neighbourhood characterized by examples of rationalist architecture as “the Palace of Culture Labour, the Palace of Congress, the Palasport “and even a hint of new architecture with the cloud of Fuksas, now under construction. ‘A scene of incomparable beauty that will complement the image of historical Rome. Access by spectators will be facilitated by the four metro stations that dot the route allowing access on foot without the obligation to use private cars.

“We can not produce a Grand Prix in Rome without the Red (team).” “I do not think the idea of a Grand Prix in Rome without the Ferrari – Alemanno said – I am absolutely convinced that when you run in Rome and even earlier, Ferrari will be on the track. These days we have heard many times and Montezemolo has insisted that Ferrari cannot wait to race in Rome. ”

“There is no negative impact on the environment.” The mayor did not fear that the event could have a negative impact from an environmental point of view: “It is a carefully designed circuit – said the mayor – to minimize the negative impact from the environmental and viability of the neighbourhood Indeed, it will be radically reviewed and improved through this initiative. ”

The contrary Legambiente: “Finding alternatives all’Eur. The environmental Chiera are against the creation of a national circuit, capable of hosting the F1 Grand Prix. “The project of the Grand Prix of Rome brings together so many critical issues to be truly impossible – denounced Lorenzo Parlato, president of Legambiente Lazio – the impact on the city will be enormous with months of work, and weeks of tests on the neighbourhood streets in the midst of offices and buildings, noise and traffic will go through the roof, it is an absurd choice. It’s amazing to think of paddock and boxes located in the beautiful green spaces of dell’Eur. We believe we should think, to find an alternative solution in a dedicated location, leaving the unique scenery of Rome to many other cultural events. From a financial point of view we ask also that no provision is made for any public investment for the transaction. ”

“Rome the capital of the key. The Northern League with the MEP Paolo Grimoldi attacked the Grand Prix of Rome, which would jeopardize the race on the Italian circuit of Monza. “We are seriously worried – he attacks the legislature – The feasibility of the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Rome is the confirmation that a certain party, the North does not affect anything. It is a shame that the supposed capital of the country is trying to humiliate and rob the other cities in the territory every day. What to Rome is a dream for Monza and Brianza is a nightmare. ”

Totti -It would be extraordinary. “I welcomed the news that a Formula 1 race is to be held in Rome. The racing people have a particular charm and racing in Rome I think is extraordinary.” The captain and symbol of the Rome football, Francesco Totti, all’Adnkronos commented with enthusiasm, the possibility that the capital could host a F1 Grand Prix: “All major sporting events like the World Cup of Swimming this year, do not that add that much prestige to our city – Totti adds – and I am sure that we are equal to the importance of the event.

Monza: An end is called to the looting. Monza has bipartisan opposition against the draft of a Formula 1 Grand Prix in Rome. “The government cannot continue to plunder the Brianza and North in general, with the theft of the Grand Prix of Italy at Monza as well,” said Gigi Bridges, Alderman implementation of the Province of Monza and Brianza and presidential Centrist candidate in the next provincial elections. It is impossible to live with two Grands Prix in Italy, insists the Centre Right candidate, Dario Allevi, Deputy Mayor of Monza and fellow party Alemanno. “The commencement of a Grand Prix in Rome would undermine sponsors and spectators to the race Brianza. I soon expect to take firm and decisive control of the institutions on the ground because only through joint action rather than isolated events will this attack be rejected. My immediate commitment is to tell the government that we are no longer willing to tolerate those who blatantly plunder us and penalize us.”

Och en karta;



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  1. hoppas nu bara inte ferrari lägger av.. de är med ganska kraftigt i videon..
    däremot däcken där undrar man ju lite över.. varför är det inte slicks?

  2. Magenus

    För Europas GP kunde det väl vara kul med ett stadslopp i Rom. Jag anar att hastigheten på start och mål hade kunnat vara ganska hög med den kurvan innan. Med mina (extremt små) lekmannakunskaper så tycker jag den ser trevlig ut. Om än lite långsam på sina ställen kanske.

  3. har egntligen inget mot ett lopp i rom.
    däremot är jag lite osäker på att få så många stdslopp..
    men om ferrari hoppar av blir det väl knappast något med rom tänker jag?

    • Lisa

      Nä knappast. Och som läget ser ut just nu kan jag liksom inte se världsstäderna stå i kö för att arrangera GP-lopp för Prodrive och Litespeed….

      • Erik R

        Arrangörerna säger ju i stort sett själva att det inte blir nåt om inte Ferrari är med.

        Men å andra sidan varför inte – låt “F1 Lite” köra i Rom, så kan Ferrari och de andra stora spelarna fortsätta på Monza med sin nya serie…

  4. Fly

    Alla är som vanligt förväntans fulla och tror det blir många omsöringar men det kommer bli som vanlencia gp och monacos gp oppss kommer bli ännu tråckigare för om FIA får som dem vill kommer det inte vara någon TANKNING!! Suck 🙁 ingen får röra monza ! En legendarisk bana med bra och dåliga saker. 1978 (tror jag) då kom 1:an 0,06 hundradelar före 2:an. 1:an – 5:an vara bara 0,67hundra delar eller mer från varandra!! Ronnie komm tyvär 2:a enligt mig. 79 dog han på samma barna.

    • Erik R

      Nästan rätt – Ronnie dog -78 och det berömda slipstreamingloppet var -71.

      Monza är legendariskt även i modern version. För de som inte gillar chikanerna kan man påpeka att chikaner användes flitigt på Monza redan på 30-talet (eftersom tyska bilar var stora och motorstarka medan de italienska var små och lättmanövrerade…)

      Allra häftigast var layouten som innefattade både den vanliga banan och den kraftigt doserade ovalen.

      • Fly

        Tack så mycket 🙂 glömt av mycket :(. Haha kommer någon i håg maxxx sex skandal för ett årsedan ?? Jag gör det. Hihi

  5. ddd

    Det bästa skulle vara om man hade en rondell som förarna kunde köra igenom, därmed välja vilken sida man vill köra på. BALLT!!

  6. Stefan Alsenmyr

    Stadslopp i all ära men de får fasen se till att en F1a kan ta sig runt banan och att det GÅR ATT KÖRA OM. Sedan gör det inget om man ser bilarna. En bana till som den i Valencia och jag bryter ihop… 🙁

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