F1bloggen in your language (Warning! Funny translation related posts ahead!)

Just to let all english-speaking country refferers I get on this blog know, I am looking a bit into the possibility of automatical translation services. F1-togo has a nice one, that unfortunatelly does not really seem to work if your blog language is Swedish, which is the case here.. And as I wrote in the About section, I have no plans on expanding into the English language in a while.. Until I find something, let me know in the comments if you have any suggestion, I’ve found that http://svsurl.systransoft.com/?t=outputframeset&link
=trans&task=11d1def534ea1be0-4c324eed-1184ba08072-5409 works quite ok
. (Sorry, that was not as easy just to copy and paste as I thougth, seems you have to (1) visit their site, (2) enter f1bloggen.se as url, (3) choose Swedish -> English and (4) hit translate button) Website at http://www.systran.co.uk.


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  1. Kongo

    Haha vissa meningar blir riktigt roliga med översättaren: “If the helmets can safely a part be changed, but we choir the question after the pictures in the previous mammoth post-office and so sheep we to see if it turns up news during the road.” -and so sheep we see? 😀

  2. lol, snyggt med längs vägen som blir during the road.
    klart uppfriskande sätt att läsa f1blggen på.
    nu väntar jag bara på klassikern “no danger on the roof” i en post också

  3. JET

    Maskinöversättning är roligt, men inget som nån med minsta respekt för språk borde på allvar jobba med.

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