Hemligheten bakom namnen på kurvorna på nya Silverstone


Vet inte om de är så hemliga egentligen, men här är i alla fall förklaring på kurvornas namn som jag hittade i en bra artikel borta på manipef1. Så här skriver de;

Copse Corner:
Named after nearby Copses – Chapel Copse wood and Foxhole Copse.

Maggotts Corner:
Named after Maggot Moor.

Becketts Corner:
Adjacent to the ancient (1174) Chapel of St Thomas à Beckett.

Chapel Curve:
Also relating to the Thomas à Beckett Chapel.

Hangar Straight:
Used to sweep past two large aircraft hangars that were used in World War 2.

Stowe Corner:
Derives from the famous Stowe School to the south of the circuit.

The link between Stowe Corner and Club Corner, which is set at a lower level to provide some undulation. It is thus a kind of vale and is also located in the area of Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Club Corner:
The RAC organised the first Grand Prix at Silverstone and were instrumental in the naming of the original corners and this name was chosen to reflect the RAC’s clubhouse in Pall Mall.

Abbey Corner:
“Luffield Abbey Farm” is what the existing Farm used to be called. The original Abbey was called Abbey Curve but the latest iteration is too acute to be called a curve and so it has been named ‘Abbey Corner’.

Farm Curve:
Long left after Abbey Corner. This passes close to the Farm and campsite.

Village Corner:
Right hander after ‘Farm Curve’. This is called ‘Village Corner’ after Silverstone Village.

The Loop:
The long left hand corner referred to as ‘The Loop’.

Aintree Corner:
The next, more gradual left hander, is called Aintree after the circuit where the British Grand Prix took place in 1955, 1957, 1959, 1961 and 1962. This is consistent with the existing Brooklands Corner named after the circuit where the British Grand Prix took place in 1926 and 1927.

Wellington Straight:
The straight to Brooklands, formerly known as the National Straight. This has been renamed ‘Wellington Straight’ after the aircraft based at Silverstone during WW2. The straight is one of the old runways.

Brooklands Corner:
Named after the circuit where the British Grand Prix took place in 1926 and 1927.

Luffield Corner:
Named after the ancient Luffield Abbey.

Woodcote Corner:
Named after the location of the RAC Club in Surrey.



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