Faster – George Harrisons hyllning till Ronnie Peterson


Lite lågsäsong i väntan på Spa, men varför inte rocka till det lite med George Harrisons hyllning till Ronnie Peterson, och övriga F1-förare? Här är Faster;

Wikipedia skriver;

“Faster” is the third single from George Harrison’s 1979 eponymous album George Harrison. Faster begins the second side of the LP, and is the sixth track on the CD. It was released as the third single of the album but was not issued as a 45 in the USA.

During 1977 Harrison went to a lot of Formula One races instead of writing any songs. Harrison had been talking to Niki Lauda after the Watkins Glen Race, and became inspired to write a song “that Niki-Jody-Emerson and the gang could enjoy”. Harrison got the title of the song from Jackie Stewart’s book, and then wrote the chorus. He wrote the rest of the song in a way that did not limit it to only motor cars, the only car-related word being machinery. However, when sound effects from the 1978 British Grand Prix were added to the song, it was clearly associated to motor cars.

Harrison later stated that
“I have a lot of fun with many of the Formula One drivers and their crews – and they have enabled me to see things from a very different angle than the music business I am normally involved with”

The song was dedicated to “the Entire Formula One Circus” and in memory of Ronnie Peterson. The single was released by Harrison to assist the fundraising for the “Gunnar Nilsson Cancer Fund”, a fund started after the death of the Swedish driver Gunnar Nilsson in 1978, caused by cancer. The single however failed to chart.

Allmusic critic Lindsay Planer praise the acoustic and electric guitar playing on “Faster,” describing the song as an “upbeat and driving” rocker.

Och jodå, det är Jackie Steward som är chaufför.

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