Klart! Lotus gör comeback nästa säsong

FIA har precis släppt ett pressmeddelande som berättar att Lotus kommer tillbaka till Formel 1, dessutom redan nästa säsong. BMWs framtid är fortfarande osäker.

Lotus är numera baserat i Malaysia och har investorer från landet i ryggen. Så här skriver FIA;

Press Release
2010 FIA Formula One World Championship – New Entries
Following an intensive selection and due diligence process, the FIA has awarded the 13th entry in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship to the Lotus F1 Team.

The FIA also received an impressive application from the BMW Sauber Team. However, given that BMW has announced it will withdraw its support in 2010, there are still uncertainties regarding the future ownership of the team.

Nevertheless, the FIA considers that BMW Sauber’s application is of high quality and would constitute a competitive participant in the Championship. As such, it has awarded BMW Sauber the ’14th place’ in the Championship meaning that it will be entitled to fill any vacancy that arises on the 2010 grid.

In addition, the FIA believes that a good case can be made for expanding the grid to 14 teams. The FIA will be consulting urgently with the existing teams regarding the introduction of an appropriate rule change to expand the grid to 28 cars in time for the first Grand Prix in 2010.

Detailed below is information about the new team that has been confirmed to compete in the Championship from next year.

Company Name: 1Malaysia F1 Team Sdn Bhd
Team Name: Lotus F1 Team
Country: Malaysia
Team Principal: Tony Fernandes

A partnership between the Malaysian Government and a consortium of Malaysian entrepreneurs, 1Malaysia F1 Team returns the Lotus name as a constructor to Formula One for the first time since 1994. The team will initially be based at the RTN facility in Norfolk, UK, some 10 miles from the Lotus Cars factory. A 50,000 square foot fully equipped facility, RTN was built by Toyota for its initial Formula One programme and then used by Bentley for its successful Le Mans programme.

The team’s future design, R&D, manufacturing and technical centre will be purpose built at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit.

Team Principal Tony Fernandes is the founder and CEO of the Malaysian-based Tune Group, owner of the Air Asia airline. The team’s Technical Director Mike Gascoyne has over 20 years of experience in Formula One having previously performed the same role for the Force India, Toyota, Renault and Jordan Formula One teams.

As part of its application to compete in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship, the team has agreed an engine supply deal with Cosworth and a wide variety of technical partnerships including Xtrac and FondTech.

De andra nya stallen nästa säsong är Campos Grand Prix, Manor och US F1.

Wikipedia har en ganska bra artikel som förklarar lite historia också;

Following the 1994 collapse, the rights to the name Team Lotus were purchased by David Hunt, brother of former F1 champion James Hunt. In 2009, when the FIA announced an intention to invite entries for a budget-limited championship in 2010, Litespeed acquired the right to submit an entry under the historic name. Lotus Cars, the sister company of the original Team Lotus, distanced itself from the new entry and announced its willingness to take action to protect its name and reputation if necessary. When the 2010 entry list was released on 12 June 2009, the Litespeed Team Lotus entry was not one of those selected. In September 2009, reports emerged of plans for the Malaysian Government to back a Team Lotus entry for the 2010 championship to promote the Malaysian car manufacturer Proton, which owns Lotus Cars. On September 15, 2009 the FIA announced that Lotus had been granted admission into the 2010 season.

Mer i media (AB, DN,).


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  1. Sebastian

    Helt apropå något annat… att Hamilton fick rejäl pisk när han ljög för stewards verkar ha påverkat Pat Symonds iaf. Han vågar knappt svara på frågorna om kraschen… fishy…

    • Lisa

      Inte så säkert. Tänk dig själv. Skulle DU svara på frågor från Maxxx detektivbyrå (som dessutom har det heltöntiga namnet “Quest”) när du inte vet deras motiv eller upplägg, eller skulle du vänta med dina svar till WMSC riktiga förhör?

      Jag vet då vad jag skulle göra…

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