I väntan på race…

… och i väntan på att regnet ska dra förbi så kan man kika på den här grymma intervjun med David Coulthard. Hittade den på f1wolf. Red Bull, vem annars? Fler finns här. Video;

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  1. man börjar ju bli glad att man inte är på plats..
    så här skriver formula 1 complete,

    We have forecast a rainy Sunday, and we have got one. Right now, it is wet and very windy. With gusts around 40mph in a southerly direction (across the track) we can expect some good racing today at Silverstone. The forecast for the next few hours while GP2 is on is wet with showers with a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius.

    Approaching the race we can expect some tiny sunny spells but mainly overcast and rainy weather with a maximum of 14 degrees Celsius. The track can easily dry during the duration of the race, as thats known at Silverstone being an old airfield. There is a lot of standing water off the racing line so overtaking could become even more challenging than normal. This weather will require the utmost concentration of all the drivers. Who took the risk of a wet setup in qualifying?

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