Red Bull med superskyddskläder i depån till Barcelonas G.P.


Teknikutveckling är alltid kul att följa, men ofta är det alldeles för lite information som sipprar ut från F1-världen. Nu har Red Bull gått ihop med FIR-TEX som utvecklat nya skyddskläder för depågänget från och med Barcelonas Grand Prix.

De har en hemsida här (med irriterande musik som inte går att stänga av) och ett pressmeddelande där de skriver;

FIR-TEX is delighted to announce an INNOVATION partnership with Formula One team Red Bull Racing. The pit crew of the ‘team to beat in 2010’ will be wearing the revolutionary products of FIR-TEX, especially the FIR-VEST, during the race week-ends. The leading racing team has showed its confidence in the staggering tissue by signing an exclusive agreement with FIR-TEX.
Iwan Postel, co-founder and CEO of FIR-TEX Ltd said: “Everybody will agree that Formula One represents the peak of technological innovation, Red Bull is not only one of the best teams at the moment but is also excellent at marketing. There was therefore no better partner for FIR-TEX as it starts unveiling a series of INNOVATION and ENDORSEMENT agreements”.
But what does a FIR-TEX equipped garment do? It protects from stressful electromagnetic radiation, increases energy, power and endurance, which are all important elements for athletes, especially within the demanding world of Formula One. But there is more… The garments improve (micro)circulation, as well as one’s balance, concentration and well being. These are facts that FIR-VEST has proven and, as a consequence, FIR-TEX excels in applications for patients, providing them with a 100% innovative and efficient solution. After impressive FIR-VEST testing results, several neurologists have shown serious interest in the technology and FIR-TEX is about to launch a worldwide scientific test in order to become a medically approved product that will be covered by health care insurances and so will become far more accessible.
How does it work? Our bodies are made of energy and are electrical instruments. FIR-TEX uses Far Infrared Rays (known to be healthy radiations) which switch on as soon as the body heat activates it. FIR (Far Infrared Ray) radiations can be created with a mixture of very few mineral oxides (three-four), but no company has ever come forward with the scientific evidence that FIR-TEX is able to demonstrate today. Its products are a revolution due to a very hi-tech and secret evolution in this field of technologies. Iwan Postel and his elder brother Dick, in charge of technical matters, have developed this new ennobled tissue, including not just three or four oxides but dozens of the best quality mineral oxides, with unequalled performance results. Every single of their new formulas and very specific oxides and application modes are under their strict control and kept completely secret.
FIR-TEX statements are based on verified scientific facts. Some FIR-VEST tests are kept secret, but all FIR-VEST tests have been done respecting scientific approved protocols. FIR-TEX is extremely flattered and delighted with developments and the innovation partnership with Red Bull Racing. Iwan Postel has been in contact with the team for almost a year; Red Bull has been testing new products and following FIR-TEX’s progress and its ongoing technological evolutions. FIR-TEX is convinced it will contribute to the achievements of Red Bull Racing as it continues with its aim of winning the 2010 World Championship.
FIR-TEX products are available online and via country distributors and their affiliates. The mother company of FIR-TEX is based in Cyprus and is privately held. The two co-founders of FIR-TEX Ltd, Iwan and Dick Postel, can be reached by email and will be available for exclusive press interviews only. More information about FIR-TEX can be found on the website and our call centre is also available to receive your phone calls at the following number: +31 (0)70 85 00 875.
Nicosia, 06/05/2010

Som sagt, inte för mycket information ut denna gången heller. Men kul att spana in till helgen.


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  1. Lisa C

    Oj, en sida som säljer saker där man måste klicka i en disclaimer för att överhuvudtaget komma in. Intressant.

    Luktar bondfångeri lång väg och uppenbarligen finns det nån bonde hos Red Bull…

    • Sebastian

      Disclaimern var ju rätt rolig…

      FIR-TEX is special, FIR-TEX is not just a simple fabric on the market, FIR-TEX is UNIQUE and this leads many people to sometimes exaggerate the potential benefits FIR-TEX can have on subjects and make unfounded or false claims which FIR-TEX categorically rejects.

      So by entering this website you must first acknowledge that FIR-TEX has not been designed for and does not make any claims whatsoever to be any kind of medical cure. Because it isn’t! The aim of FIR-TEX is to bring technological fabrics on the market and their products will help some subjects to simply perform better or feel better while others won’t experience any difference or could even feel discomfort.

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